Saturday, 26 November 2011

Post NMG 2011 ♥

After two weeks, the tiring days have passed by. Nottingham Malaysian Games. All Malaysians in UK-Eire know about this. Nottingham Malaysian Society doesn't need to do bombastic promotion to invite people around the globe to attend NMG. Yeah, aside from what Yuri said in the post mortem meeting- "We do need a promotion video to let the people know, what we serve for them in NMG." I agree, because the only thing the Malaysians know about NMG is the Malaysian style of Sports Day and Canteen Day!

Looking back to the past tiring two weeks, loads of smiles, loads of excitements where seen when more than 5000 Malaysians coming from all over UK, Ireland and Scotland gathered in the same place- University of Nottingham. Everyone was happy to meet old friends after a few months or even, a few years! Lots of chatting, eating, playing, walking happened from 9am to 7pm of 12th November 2011. It's a pleasant scenery to view.

Not missed to be mention, all the hassle, all the ciaos and all the RUBBISH made along the way. Frankly speaking, I wonder, why Malaysians on that day (every single year of NMG, though!), acted the same way like the people on the Malaysia's street. Every two litters been picked up, you'll find a ciggarette bud. Wonder, where all those smoking people coming from. Well, because you hardly find Malaysian smokers in Notts. 

After 4 years, this was my first time to step into Power League, the venue for football. I've been warned by my friends, I'll see the typical Malaysian guys who seem like never see women before. 'Sweeting' at women. Luckily, I didn't manage to experience that. Perhaps, all those guys had gone away. 

It was another 'noble' experience of seeing loving Muslim couples holding hands- after 2 months I flew off from Malaysia. I don't mind about our Chinese or Indians friends, it is their choice. But for Muslims, sorry to say, I'm tired. As if, only you have the boyfriend or girlfriend! I prayed, their love lasts even when they get married.

After all those miserable day, my heart asked myself about the social purpose of NMG: "Who were we actually serving for?" If we were serving the VIP, they were just a few. If the flow of NMG seemed mess in their eyes, they could condemned us and refused to give the sponsorship. 

If we were serving the players or the food tenders, they (some of them) kept commenting and criticizing all the efforts we've made without trying to put themselves in our shoes. If we were serving the thousands of visitors, we did not actually have time to please them for coming to Notts. Even, the volunteers and committee didn't have time to be spent with our friends coming from other universities! Plus, all the mess and jam been made (by no one's friends), honestly it was tiring. 

My study circle's mates said, "I talked to one of the chess players. He said, he just managed to practice an hour session before the tournament. He came to NMG mainly not to be a player, but to meet his friends." 

Other responses normally heard when you ask the visitors, why you come to NMG? : 
" I want to go to Malaysian Food Festival (MFF) and find the authentic nasi lemak I'm be missing for long time!"
" I want to give support to our university's basketball team!"
" I want to gain extra money to support my family. That's why, I want to be the tender of selling food in MFF."

Every single of us have lots of reasons why we were here. As the volunteers, although it was tiring and stressful and hurts (we cried for organizing NMG, don't you know that!), to be a volunteer of NMG is something not to be missed. 

We spent lots of memorable time working together, regardless of gender, race and belief (and political view:p) . We went home at 2am after setting up the Sport Center. We gave wake up calls at 4.30 am on the day itself. We had meetings until 1am. We craved for food after long hours haven't eating something (because we were too busy until forgot to eat!). We helped each other cleaning up the venue. We showed our tremendous care (although we are not too caring persons!). We got the chance to make new best friends. We (ehem, not me) cooked delicious volunteers' and VIPs' food from 6pm to 2am non-stop. And the lists seem endless..

Here some memorable statements that makes my day! It just a few, though! Too many to be print-screened!

We first met in NMG and enjoyed working together for MFF:)) 


The adorable NMG mascot:))

NMG crew.. Me also lahh!

More amazing pictures: here and here and here :P (Let them tell you the excitement we gained!)

Collection of videos:

NMG official promotional video

Malaysian Food Festival's video made by Malaysia' Kitchen

NMG Memorable Video made by Trek Siswa

This from UKEC (the representative council for Malaysian students in UK-Eire)

Writing with love,
MFF volunteer 2008
MFF Manager 2009
MFF volunteer 2010
NMG Driver 2011

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Ya Allah, please make me a good servant of Yours. Give me the best ending of my life, during the time I hold my last breath, the time people wash my jenazah, the time people perform my last 'solah', the time my body buried in the soil, the time I'm alone in barzakh.

Please never let the worms and what ever soft-skinned amphibians be closer to my dead body.. Please..

Oh, I need to strive harder to avoid the creatures getting closer to my body in my life after death. Really really need to be a good servant to Him, so that He fulfill my will. Amiin..

p/s: This post is written right after I saw two big slugs on my way to the washing machine. Don't expect me to remove them from blocking my way! I'll never do that! Eeeeyyyyyy...

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists."

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli

Monday, 17 October 2011

Motivation To Success

Reflecting back to 3 years of gaining tarbiyah. Watching a video of Sultan Muhamad al-Fateh, the Conqueror make me realise. His story influences me a lot from the beginning I approached the true meaning of being a Muslim. Up til now, my tears easily flow when I reflect back how honourable he is in the eyes of the Prophet (peace be upon him). I found his leadership and achievement as my strength in the battle to jannah. The history has never fail to touch my heart.

I didn't know why. There was one video telling about the journey of Sultan Muhamad al- Fateh and his army to conquer Constantinople. When I watched it, all of a sudden, I promised to myself, "I'll pray in Aya Sophia no matter what happen." And yeah it was. 

I went to Turkey after a few months. And the promise still kept fresh in my head. I knew, no one is allowed to pray there anymore since it has been used as museum during the time of Kamal Attarturk. I didn't tell my friends about this. I walked alone in the huge magnificent building, finding a safe place to pray. It's hard to find place free from people though. What most important for me that time was, as long as the guards didn't stop me and the tourists didn't feel too awkward seeing someone's praying. 

Taking ablution using the mineral water in my hand, alhamdulillah Allah eased my way to perform solah tahiyatul masjid. I can't describe how calm it felt when my face touched the floor of Aya Sophia, once a sacred masjid which witnessed the victory of Islam.

Alhamdulillah too, our apartment in Istanbul was facing the Bosphorus Strait. The first day I was in  the old city of Istanbul, facing the Bosphorus on my right and Golden Horn on my left, tears running through my cheek. "Oh, Lord, I'm here. I'm in the place where Islam has once rule the world." It seemed like I could feel the anxiety and share the happiness of the success. I prayed, my iman and faith would increase through the journey in Turkey. Praise to Allah, I went back to UK as a better Muslim.

May his story always reminds me to the strength and success a Muslim can achieve. Plus, how the success link to a close relationship with Allah. Hablun minal Allah (relationship with Allah) and hablun minan nas (relationship with human).

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Meaning of Sacred Guidance

Istikhara, the solah which is too common to be related with the need of guidance. Where the Muslim seek for an answer from his Lord, the God All Knowing. Where he will bow his head on the ground asking for direction on choosing two different roads that seem merge together. Where he will submit his life to his Lord because He is the One who hold his soul.

The confusion, the doubt all are too big to be put upon an ordinary man. He is in search of guidance. The guidance needed to lighten the darkness in his heart. The guidance needed to return back his peace he always dreams about.

Perhaps, only at this moment, the servant knows the meaning of the solah he always did before. Where, all the decisions will be made by Him. Allah the Almighty. The God who knows each single matter in someone’s heart. Who keeps the secret of life, the destiny of His servants, the ending story of each of His creation.. To Him, his servants should seek for a piece of guidance.

We never know how we will end, we never know with who we will spend the remaining seconds, we never know either we see the paradise or the hell when we face sakaratulmaut (the last moments before we die). All we can do, is to pray. So that, we will get the best ending.

Keep asking because He always listening. He delays the reply to test the loyalty of His servant seeking the truth. Believe, the best has yet to come..

Only at this moment, the servant knows what it feels to find the best companion. To accompany him, walk alongside in giving the best services to please their God. To commit themselves to the works of Islam. The love comes when two souls are tied on His path. With His will and His guidance.

He knows the time has come. And the decision is waiting to be made. Only with the light from Him.

“Oo Lord, this heart will only belong to someone You direct me to..”

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Media Bias

I found this post is so funny and quite.. hm.. I can say, 'sinis'. Couldn't find any better words in English that can portray 'sinis' really well.

Sebelum start baca paper hari ini, ini sedikit analisis bagaimana sebuah tajuk media direka.

Nah bacalah, pankreasmu bakal digeletek dengannya...

Situasi sebenar : Seorang nenek pegi kedai beli ubi, tiba-tiba dilanggar beca lalu mati di tempat kejadian.

Buletin Utama - "Nenek meninggal dunia, pemandu beca dicari."

Harian Metro - "Hangat! Nenek mati dengan ubi di tangan."

Utusan Malaysia - "Nenek mati dilanggar beca satu propaganda pembangkang?"

Harakah - "Kami tiada beca."

Malaysiakini - "Beca langgar lari bukti kerajaan makan rasuah."

Obefiend - "Nenek meleis mati. Aku suka vodka."

Twitter @NajibRazak - "Nenek sanggup mati kerana ubi, menunjukkan ubi 1Malaysia berkualiti dan digemari rakyat!"

Blog Melayu paranoid - "Keraguan sijil halal ubi mungkin punca nenek mati dilanggar beca."

Ibrahim Ali - "Sampai bila kita nak tengok nenek-nenek Melayu mati dilanggar beca akibat ubi orang Cina dan India? Melayu perlu bangun menentang!"

Pancaindera - "Kisah nenek dilanggar beca diabadikan dalam filem terbaru David Teo, Beca Gangster."

Mastika - "Misteri penarik beca: temubual eksklusif dengan hantu ubi."

Samy Vellu - "Beca tak bayar tol dicari! "

Just came back from a talk given by Palestinian Christians. Interestingly, aside from telling what and how they undergo their religious routine oppressively in Palestine, the term peace and justice have been said repeatedly. Just like if I listen to a talk carried out by the Palestinian Muslims. There's similarity to be pondered upon.

The post above actually reminds me back to the statement said by a Palestinian Christian lady about the bias of media. "You read CNN, you'll find, '3 US armies were killed in Palestine' as the title. And there's small print down the news saying '300 Palestinians were killed in this battle'. And when you read Al-Jazeera, the headline will be -'300 Palestinians killed'. And nothing stated about the US army."

I admit that. In Malaysia, it also happens the same way. Best way, is to compare both side of news. You've got the internet anyway. Extract the information you got and digest the one you have choose critically.

Other than the media bias issue, I'm attracted with their support of Hamas. "Hamas is good people. It's unfair to put Hamas alongside with the terrorist because they fight for equality and justice of Palestinians- either they are Muslims, Christians and Jews. They do the humanity works. I've got lots of friends who are Hamas. And I know them really well."

Overwhelming with what he said. SubhanaAllah (praise be to Allah), it shows me how a jundullah (the army of Allah) should be. Always show the akhlak (manners) of Islam to everyone around you. Remember, you carry the amanah (responsibility) of maintaining the good name of your jamaah (society).

May Allah strengthen the Palestinians' unity against injustice always. Palestine will be free!

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

Friday, 2 September 2011

A Place For Honeymoon..Do You Dare?

Huk huk.. Dusts everywhere. It had been a long time, this blog was left outdated.

Perhaps, while I'm reorganising my time, I would love to share this post. A touching post that makes me think, I wish I could be there and feel the experience too. To test myself, how much I've been a grateful servant and how much I can share with them. 

Witness to famine: A cameraman's journal
08/31/2011 11:38:15 AM

Abdul Wahid Khan is a South African cameraman with Al Jazeera Arabic. At the beginning of August he was deployed to the Horn of Africa to cover the ongoing famine, which is being exacerbated by armed conflict in the region. The deployment coincided with the beginning of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

We arrived at the Joma Kenyatta Airport at 6am. We were welcomed by Mr Jama Noor Ahmed, the Somalia Bureau correspondent.

It was cold, winter's day. It reminded me of Johannesburg. But I'm not complaining. From the hot desert of Doha, we have arrived in "Green City in the Sun", Nairobi.

The city was bustling. Men and women were walking the streets. Buses and mini-bus taxis were commuting people to their destinations. Nairobi was buzzing.

Jama and I prayed the Jummah pray [Muslim Friday prayer] at the Jamia Musjid - the biggest Musjid in the city. More than 5,000 men and woman, I would think, were praying there.

The pre-khutba [talk given at Muslim Friday prayer] was given in both Arabic and Swahili. Being the first Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan [Muslim month of fasting], the Imaam [religious cleric] spoke of the virtues of praying and fasting.

During the talk - men walked around with scarves, each one holding a side, walking row by row, collecting donations that the congregation was offering. This money would go towards a women’s madressa [school for religious education].

We fly to Somalia on Sunday morning.

It was an early morning for us. We travelled to the north of the eastern part of Kenya - an area called Dadaab.

The scenery was very dry. Rivers that once flowed were now completely dry. The leaves on most of the trees had fallen and all that remained were bare branches. We saw the Red Cross and other aid organisations.

The road to Dadaab was bumpy. We had driven from Nairobi on tarred road and came to a point where there was no more tar. Just sand and lots of dust. We drove on that for two hours.

There were dead animals lying on the roadside, men and woman tending to their cows, goats and camels. We saw big lizards running across our paths, and deer in the bare bushes, a rather eclectic collection of wildlife.

We arrived in Dadaab camp in the afternoon. We were taken to a Somali food distribution centre, one of the areas where hundreds of men, women and children waited patiently to collect some food. The women sat crouched, some with babies, in the dry heat.

We started filming the different stages of the distribution and interviewing people. All these people wanted was food to feed themselves. The centre gave them some flour, maize, dates and perhaps a few other things.

As the sun began to set, the gates were locked. Hundreds of men and women still clung to the gate with the hope that they would be given something. But unfortunately, the day had come to an end. The many out there would had to go home hungry for another day.

We had to get to a place to do a live, reporting to the world what the situation was. The sun had set. We heard the Somali men call out the azaan. It was time to break the fast.

A weak cow we saw last night on our way back to the hotel did not survive. We saw it today decomposing and birds picking at its flesh.

We visited a village north east of Kenya where new refugees would settle. They have homes made out of tree branches, with sheltering leaves. Other homes were covered in material given to them by aid organisations.

The second story we did was about an orphaned Somali girl, Rahmah. She has to now take care of her two sisters. After the report was aired, a Qatari sheikh offered to adopt the girl. It brought tears of joy to my eyes.

As we walked through the village we heard the sound of young boys reciting the Quran. With all that they are going through, they still found time to sit on the sand, and recite the Quran, with text written on a long piece of wood.

This was really amazing! We have beautiful Masjids: They pray in Masjids made of branches, just a simple straw mat to pray on.

We arrived at a small airport on the coast located in the Benadir region on the Indian Ocean. Aden-Adde International Airport was named after Aden Abdullah Osman Daar, the first President of Somalia.

Pieces of concrete from the roof had fallen off. The interior looked really shabby and rundown.

We were taken to our guesthouse where we were welcomed by armed men who constantly guard the gate. The room we were given wasn't too shabby, two single beds, that's all they had. We always book separate rooms, but I guess this time, we had little choice. We were told that this was one of the safer living accommodations.

As we walked to the 4x4, I noticed four other Somali men armed with AK47s jump into another 4x4 behind us. These were to be our bodyguards. Now that’s what I call security!

As we travelled through the streets - sandy, very bumpy streets - my head repeatedly kept hitting the window. There's no traffic signs or lanes. There were cars just popping out of nowhere, men just hanging onto the sliding door of a minibus, at least three of them. The streets were really crowded with cars, buses and trucks.

Like in other Arab countries, where the Arab men hold tasbeehs [rosary/prayer beads], here men hold guns in their hands. Even the guy hanging onto the mini bus taxi had a gun hanging on a strap over his shoulder.

A woman was selling meat on the side of the road. Half a cow, just hung up. In fact, there were many stalls like that. There were no refridgerators – it was all just on display, in the open.

The African Union peacekeepers are visible everywhere. They created checkpoints everywhere. They said that they were there to keep al-Shabaab out.

The African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM), says al-Qaeda linked extremist insurgents still pose a threat to the capital and to areas where humanitarian efforts are underway to ease the famine-struck country. Mogadishu is still described as the world’s most dangerous city.

There is no weekend for me and the others who are here. Everybody just takes it one day at a time. Some have been here for weeks others staying on for another month. I feel as if I’ve been here for weeks already. My body is weak and I feel very tired.

Today we were at the Banadir hospital, a public hospital in Mogadishu. Mothers stood in queues waiting their turn for their babies to be checked by a doctor. A local doctor told us that children are dying due to the lack of provisions at the hospital.

As we continued filming our report around the hospital, we saw babies who were so weak, that their legs were as thin as sticks. One child could barely walk. Others had to be fed through tubes. The babies here are a year old and their weight is that of a six-month-old. They laid in the cots; their ribs could be seen.

We saw many babies suffering from severe malnutrition. One unfortunate mother had to see her baby die in front of her eyes. The father wrapped his young daughter in a piece of cloth.

Tonight we heard the sound of artillery being fired towards the al-Shabaab area. The AMISOM peacekeepers suspected that al-Shabaab could be in that vicinity. We tried to investigate the situation, but all we saw was fire in the distance.

We interviewed a soldier from the AMISOM peacekeepers today. They are currently securing the air, land and sea. The area is so big that they require more help from other countries to deploy more soldiers.

I see the sea, the beautiful waves and golden sand. But I’m told nobody goes to the sea.

AMISOM has a watch-tower guarding the sea, for pirates and al-Shabaab. They fear that they may come back to reclaim their territory. For now all they can do is hope that peace will be the order of the day.

Yesterday our report was about a widowed woman, mother of three little boys. We saw her building a shelter for her family. Here they call them camps. I prefer to call it a shelter. A camp would protect a person from the wind, rain and mosquitoes. These shelters don't.

The shelter is built in a circular shape, it’s not very big. When doing my interview with her in a temporary shelter she had, it was difficult to set up my camera. All she had in there was a thin cushion, some clothing on the floor and a torch. I imagined how she would sleep in there with her three little boys.

It’s about survival here for these people. For how long, we cannot tell.

As I went around filming in the surrounding shelters, I came across a woman washing some clothing. I took my first shot from a distance, my second from the same spot, then I got my camera off the tripod and moved in for a close up.

With the conditions they are living in, with all that sand and dust, you can only imagine what a little five-year-old's trouser would look like. She washed his shirt and his trouser in a dish filled with very little water, after washing the shirt, the water was already muddy, she used the same water to wash his trouser and squeezed off the excess water.

I continued filming in the area.

I saw a woman cooking. She began to fan the coal with a pot lid. Then a little girl approached from behind and asked for something perhaps in the Somali language. The woman took one piece of coal that was alight, put it into a small container and gave to the little girl.

That was amazing: Sharing a piece of coal. In their struggle to survive, what choice do they have?

We came across a mother with a baby under a year old who was undernourished and weak. We followed her back to her little shelter where she lives with her two children and her husband. The pieces of cloth that covered the shelter had holes in them. The husband had found a plastic sheet, which he was using to protect his family.

As we walked through the camp, the reporter and I had to stop at times to pull out the thorns that had gone through the soles of our boots.

We wondered how the little kids who were running around bare footed survived in such conditions.

Today we visited a family whose one-year-old baby had passed away.

It was a very simple funeral procedure:Janaaza salaah [muslim prayer read when a person dies] outside the house, and then to the burial site.

There are no graveyards. Just empty land. Some Somali's are even buried on the roadsides and near dumpsites.

Another day on the field. Today our story was about pregnant mothers and the famine.

We interviewed a pregnant woman who lived in her shelter, she told us, "I live my life everyday, hoping things will get better and help will come to us soon. I eat whatever the aid organisations give us and pray that I will have a health baby."

We were taken to the maternity ward in Banaadir Hospital, as we entered a room with a woman laying on the bed, we found a baby laying at her feet. Wrapped in a cloth, I could see the leg of the baby.

The woman had started bleeding. By the time she had got to the hospital, the baby had passed away. Many babies are born everyday. Only a few survive.

The scenes of children laying on tables with drips to their heads; children laying asleep on cardboard on the floor with flies all over their faces; mothers sitting with their undernourished babies - when I go to bed I see these images. When I close my eyes I hear the sound of the crying babies.

Nine days left until I depart from Somalia.

At the Badbadoo Camp today hundreds of people stood in queues waiting for some rice. Some had pots, others had plastic containers, whatever they could find, as long as they could get some food.

For some it was a bit of disappointment, the rice had finished and they were told to leave.

As I filmed a boy with an empty container, I could see the sadness and disappointment in his eyes. Like a child who did not get what he wanted, only, this child wanted rice.

I said to him in Arabic, "Bukra Insha'Allah,you will get some," he replied, "Insha'Allah."

We interviewed the governor. He said, "Everybody is hungry. Don't be surprised if people start fighting for food."

Seeing a smile on a child's face is the best feeling ever.

We visited the Bakarah market today. It was once a booming market place for the Somalis. All we saw now were streets, shops, hotels - all deserted. Buildings were destroyed. There were bullet holes all over the place.

The sound of crying babies, mothers and children sitting on the sandy ground of a tin shelter. 1000's of flies all over the place. All waiting for a bowl of porridge and a cup of milk.

The situation continues to get worse, as many as five children per day are dying, some with measles, others from other causes. There are no proper graveyards, no birth certificates, no death certificates. The actual numbers of death would be hard to record.

People are faced with so many challenges. Laying in my bed last night I could hear the sound of the wind. The nights are very windy here.

I have four days left in Mogadishu. My heart yearns to help these people. But, I must return home. Will I forget about them when I leave? How can I create more awareness to get these people some help? These are the questions I ask myself.

We went out and shot a pre-Eid report this morning. There was a buzz at the local market, the Hamar Wain Market: Old, young, children, everyone, in the Eid spirit.

The market was busy. Hundreds of people, people pressing their car horns for people to move out of their way. It was an amazing atmosphere.

People selling everything from clothing to jewelry, toys and the one that caught my eye, halwa [a sweet-dish]. We got some for Iftaar.

I guess those who were shopping are the fortunate ones. The less fortunate, we visited at a camp. A woman told us that last year she and her family were in the village: They were happy, they had cattle. Today they don't have anything to eat.

For many in the camps it will be a quiet day. Not the usual Eid for some. No new clothes, no good food or, no food at all!

The day started with the Eid prayer led by the local Somali Imaam. The musjid was packed with Somalis all reciting the takbeer[religious supplications] in a beautiful tone.

My Eid breakfast was not the traditional Indian one for a change: no samosas or pies. No biryani. Instead we enjoyed Somali coffee with biscuits, halwa and a meaty soup with bread for breakfast.

Then it was off to work.

The streets of Mogadishu were busier than usual. The women and little girls dressed in colourful burkahs [head covering] and black hena on their hands, little boys dressed smartly playing on the side of the street with toy guns.

On the other hand, groups of people in their hundreds stood waiting for aid. I saw bags of maize been taken out to be given to them. Lines of women and men all over the streets of Mogadishu, hoping to get some aid.

As we entered our filming location based in a camp, we noticed that an organisation had decorated the shelters with colorful shiny decorations.

For some women and children, it was a joyous day. They had received clothing, sweets and sang an Eid song in the Somali language, "Maanta, maanta, wa maalin wena, maanta. Today, today, is a big day..."

The atmosphere was breathtaking. It felt really great to see the smiles on those little faces. The women received bags of meat.

But just outside that boundary, hundreds of men, women and children stood waiting.

I could see the disappointment in their faces. The children crying, some just crouched to the ground with their heads in dismay. I really felt for those kids, not having anything on Eid.

We edited and then sent our report and did two lives [Live television reports].

The day of Eid has come to an end.

For many, this day has been like the others that have passed: No food, no new clothing, no Joy...

I thank God for bringing me to Somalia. Being here makes me appreciate my family even more. Being away from them makes me feel sad. I can only imagine how the young girl, Rahmah - whose mother and father passed away - feels, having her two sisters to take care of now.Some of us will never come near to poverty. We should be thankful. We never go hungry for even a day. We always have clean clothes. Eid is a day of happiness and joy. I think happiness and joy are blessings from Allah.

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists."

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli

Negeri Sembilan.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Power Is In Your Hand

It is funny to think how afraid some parties or group of people are when the rakyat, citizen of Malaysia proposed to organise a peace demonstration in Kuala Lumpur this 9th July. Up to the extent, those wearing or selling the yellow t-shirt specially made for the gathering have been caught with unreasonable accusation. I can even guarantee, the access to the capital city will be blocked, either on the road or commuter station.

The purpose of the gathering is mainly to demand for a more just democracy. It has no relationship at all with protest against any religion or race. All of a sudden, racial sentiments have been raised by irrational leaders towards our Chinese friends and the demonstration's head organiser, an Indian lady.

There's no issue of either you are Malay, Chinese or Indian here. We, the Malaysians are all invited to gather and voice out our hope for a better Malaysia. 

The organisers have promise, the demonstration will be conducted peacefully. At the same time, PERKASA, another group plan to gather along to ban this demonstration. What the heck is going on? If they argued this demonstration will causing ciaos, why they will be there along?

It seems like, all Malaysians including the government have forgot one important thing- the power is in rakyat's hand. Not the government. The rakyat shouldn't be threatened as if they are doing crime.

We as rakyat, should remember this. We have the power to elect our leader. However, what happen now, due to our ignorance, the leader use the power we gave them to harm us. Forgot where they are coming from and neglecting the rakyat, who have selected them before and bring them to the positions they are currently holding.

Honestly, the demonstration has not yet been made, but the impact is felt by now, and the water is boiling.. The heat is rising. It is a pleasant surprise to see the teenage and young people are highly motivated showing their love to the country these few days in the Youtube and Facebook. Educating the other Malaysians who might have know nothing about corruption and injustice.

I can't reject the theory saying, the sea of people who will gathered this 9th July will show the number of rakyat opposing the current government. No wonder, all actions will be taken to ensure, the rakyat won't be able to make it on that day. Even parents have been advised to 'keep' their kids 'at home'.

p/s: I'm planning to go to a historical convention on 10th July. It's funny to think, I can't even guarantee myself, I will be there. Who knows, maybe I am the selected persons to be caught up on my way to my friend's wedding in Kuala Lumpur this Saturday. >_<"

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli
Negeri Sembilan.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hidup Hidup, Hidup Rakyat!

Saban hari, makin hangat, berita di kaca tv melaporkan bantahan demi bantahan yang dibuat agar Perhimpunan Bersih dibatalkan. Seolah-olah sudah tiada lagi isu rakyat, kes jenayah dan soal masa depan negara yang dapat dibincangkan selain dari alasan-alasan kenapa perhimpunan ini wajar dimansuhkan. Sepatutnya masa satu jam berita itu dimanfaatkan untuk menyalurkan maklumat penting, bukan ucapan berjela yang tiada isi. Saya pasti, rakyat marhaen yang faham akan mampu untuk menangkis alasan-alasan itu dengan seribu satu hujah kenapa perhimpunan ini perlu diteruskan.  Untuk pengetahuan, bancian yang dibuat di The Star jelas menunjukkan lebih sejuta rakyat Malaysia mahu Perhimpunan BERSIH diteruskan.

Kenapa 2.0?
Ini adalah Perhimpunan Bersih kedua dibuat, selepas Perhimpunan Bersih pertama pada 2007. Perlu dibuat yang kedua kerana selepas 4 tahun, tuntutan-tuntutan yang berjaya dihantar ke Istana Negara tidak dilaksanakan, walaupun janji telah ditabur.

Kenapa nak berdemo? Gunalah cara lain yang lebih aman.
Percayalah, semua perkara rakyat sudah buat untuk sedarkan pihak berkenaan. Namun, semua dipandang sepi. Rakyat pun ada akal juga, mereka cuba sehabis baik untuk berunding. Rakyat sayangkan Malaysia, itu sebabnya kita tak mahu sikap tidak menghiraukan tuntutan keadilan dari rakyat ini berterusan. Kita tak mahu ombak tsunami domino effect di Timur Tengah tiba di Malaysia. Kita tak mahu rakyat sampai muak dan benci pada pemerintah.

Demo ini cuma agenda politik.
(Momokan orang yang tak baca perkembangan semasa) Untuk makluman, perhimpunan ini dianjurkan oleh Pemandu Bersih. Bukan parti politik. Memang parti pembangkang menyokong besar-besaran, mewajibkan semua ahli mereka turun ke Perhimpunan Bersih, namun bukan mereka yang anjurkan.  Tak de kena mengena nak rampas Putrajaya ke apa. Cuba fikir jauh ke depan, apa yang dituntut dalam Perhimpunan Bersih adalah untuk manfaat semua parti politik. Kalau tiba-tiba parti pemerintah bertukar tangan,  tapi sistem pilihanraya masih belum diperbetulkan- tv asyik siarkan cerita baik pasal PR dan cerita buruk pasal BN, pasti  BN pun akan minta tuntutan yang sama.

Demo ni menimbulkan rusuhan, ramai orang awam akan tercedera.
Siapa yang buat rusuhan? Cuba tanya orang yang pernah ke demonstrasi, siapa yang sembur larutan kimia  dan gas pemedih mata yang melampau? Kalau bukan kerana water canon tersebut, pasti gerai-gerai di tepi jalan tak rosak. Negara lain ada juga buat demonstrasi ni, tapi kenapa takde pun rosak-rosak.. Sebab mereka ada polis yang hanya memantau agar perhimpunan itu berjalan secara aman, bukan mereka yang buat provokasi.  Janganlah pula risau berkenaan gas pemedih mata dan air itu pula.. Alah, anggap sahaja ia ubat resdung dan jerawat.

Demo bukan sunnah.
Tv, radio, kereta pun bukan sunnah juga. Sebab takde pada zaman nabi. Adei.. Cuba menilai dari sudut yang matang.  Demonstrasi membawa erti perhimpunan untuk menyatakan rasa ketidakpuasan hati terhadap sesuatu perkara secara beramai-ramai. Dalam erti kata lain, tunjuk perasaan secara aman.  Nak tunjuk perasaan, perlulah beramai-ramai. Cuba bayangkan, buat seorang diri, bertempik di hadapan Istana Negara, tak ke digelar kurang siuman di situ? Sebenarnya perkara pokoknya, kita nak tak nak sahaja buat perkara yang membela keadilan. Tak perlulah cipta seribu satu alasan, tak pasal-pasal dapat dosa percuma pula nanti. Kalau tak nak, usahlah berdalih. Tentera Allah tak berkurang pun kalau kamu tak sertai mereka yang menegakkan amar makruf nahi mungkar.

Pernah dengar hadis ini?
عَنْ أَبِي سَعِيْد الْخُدْرِي رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنْهُ قَالَ : سَمِعْتُ رَسُوْلَ اللهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَقُوْلُ : مَنْ رَأَى مِنْكُمْ مُنْكَراً فَلْيُغَيِّرْهُ بِيَدِهِ، فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَبِلِسَانِهِ، فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَبِقَلْبِهِ وَذَلِكَ أَضْعَفُ اْلإِيْمَانِ
[رواه مسلم]
Dari Abu Sa’id Al Khudri radiallahuanhu berkata : Saya mendengar Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda : Siapa yang melihat kemungkaran maka ubahlah dengan tangannya, jika tidak mampu maka ubahlah dengan lisannya, jika tidak mampu maka (tolaklah) dengan hatinya dan hal tersebut adalah selemah-lemahnya iman.
(Riwayat Muslim)

Salah faham orang Islam tentang hadis ini adalah
1) apa yang disebutkan adalah ubah, bukan tegur, bukan ajak. Maksudnya, usaha sehabis baik hingga kemungkaran itu tidak lagi berleluasa.

2) Urutan yang wajibnya adalah tangan (kuasa), kemudian lidah (lisan) dan kalau tak boleh kedua-duanya baru gunakan hati (perasaan).  Faillam yastati’ bermaksud, jika tidak mampu. Dari sudut nahu Arab, ini menunjukkan ada syarat yang dikenakan untuk melaksanakan perkara yang akan disebutkan. Jadi, kalau sudah ada kuasa, kena ubah dengan kuasa dulu. Yang orang kita selalu buat, ”ala, takpela, aku tolak dengan hati jelah..”

3) Bila sudah tiada kuasa dan lisan, baru boleh ubah dengan perasaan. Tapi yang menjadi salah faham terbesar adalah, kita anggap, itu adalah dengan berdiam diri, cukup kita menolak kemungkaran itu sendiri-sendiri. Kalau duduk diam, bagaimana nak ubah? Jadi, perlulah tunjuk perasaan tidak setuju dengan kemungkaran itu, barulah kemungkaran itu dapat dibasmi dan orang yang salah itu sedar.

Ini perhimpunan haram.
(Sila baca berita lebih sedikit ye.. Jangan baca Utusan sahaja.) Permohonan permit untuk berhimpun sudah dibuat tapi sedikit pun pihak berkuasa tidak mahu mengeluarkannya. Kenapa nak takut? Rakyat sudah janji nak berhimpun secara aman. Kalau permit Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 tidak mahu dikeluarkan, sewajibnya jugalah, perhimpunan anti-Bersih yang kononnya aman juga tak patut dapat permit. Patutnya pihak berkuasa tidak bersikap berat sebelah seperti ini. Kenapa perhimpunan parti pemerintah buat, semuanya aman, yang lainnya, haram.. This is unfair! Satu lagi perkara, di negara luar, demonstrasi ini perkara biasa. Malulah kalau Malaysia nak berdemo untuk Palestin pun, FRU buat hal.

Sistem pilihanraya kita sudah bagus.
(Hahaha (gelak sekejap). Ok, kembali serius. ) Belum lagi, bro. Cubalah tanya orang-orang yang bekerja kerajaan ni. Tambah-tambah yang dipaksa bekerja sebagai jentera pilihanraya parti pemerintah. Patutnya undi rahsia, tapi kenapa undi pos boleh dibuka oleh orang tak bertanggungjawab. Ramai sudah tahu, berapa banyak kes, undian yang telah dibuat rakyat diubah. Politik kita sudah bersih? Kenapa nak mengugut bangsa Malaysia agar tidak keluar 9 Julai ini dengan ugutan berunsur sentimen perkauman? (Tak de pula, mereka kena ISA). Media sudah bebas? Ala, semua tahu, tv-tv dan akhbar milik siapa. PAS cuma dibenarkan jual Harakah dua kali seminggu. Itu pun kena sorok-sorok macam jual dadah. Apa-apa pun, cubalah tanya sendiri pada mereka-mereka yang tahu pasal ni. Banyak sangat kalau nak cerita di sini.

Dikongsikan di bawah, ringkasan segala persediaan dan maklumat berkaitan Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0.

Taklimat Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0

Fakta :
Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 Pada 9 Julai 2011 (Sabtu), Jam 2 Petang Di Kuala Lumpur
(Lokasi : Masjid Kg. Baru, Sogo & Bangunan DBKL). 
Aman Dan Tanpa Senjata.

Tuntutan Bersih 2.0 :
1.      BERSIH kan Senarai Undi (Daftar Pemilih)
2.      Reformasikan Undi Pos
3.      Gunakan Dakwat Kekal
4.      Akses Media Yang Bebas & Adil
5.      Tempoh Berkempen Minima 21 Hari
6.      Kukuhkan Institusi Awam
7.      Hentikan Rasuah
8.      Hentikan Politik Kotor

Jawatankuasa Pemandu Bersih 2.0 :
Dipengerusikan Oleh Dato Ambiga Sreenavasaan (Mantan Presiden Majlis Peguam Malaysia). Anggotanya Adalah Daripada Kalangan Pimpinan Dan Aktivis NGO’s.

Kedudukan Parti-Parti Politik:
Adalah sebagai entiti yang bergabung di dalam Bersih 2.0 dengan aspirasi bersama iaitu menuntut satu sistem dan perjalanan pilihan raya yang bersih & adil untuk Malaysia.

Jangkaan/ Unjuran :
Kita menjangkakan pelbagai kaum akan muncul, pelbagai ideologi dan kepercayaan akan berhimpun untuk menyatakan pandangan mereka khususnya dalam mendesakSuruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) Malaysia untuk mereformasikan pilihan raya.

Oleh itu bagi melancarkan perhimpunan ini, kita mengeluarkan satu garis panduan yang diharapkan dapat membantu semua pihak dalam memastikan perhimpunan ini dapat berjalan dengan lancar, aman dan tanpa sebarang provokasi .

Perkara Yang Perlu Anda Bawa/Sediakan :
 1. Kad pengenalan, lesen memandu, satu kad ATM sahaja.
2. Duit-maksimum RM100 sahaja.
3. Memakai pakaian yang sopan-T-shirt /baju berwarna kuning. Sebaiknya ada logo Bersih 2.0. Pakai pakaian yang meliputi seluruh tubuh badan dan jika boleh hingga ke paras pergelangan tangan.
 4. Setiap peserta diwajibkan memakai kasut.
5. Sediakan baju hujan berwarna kuning.
6. Aksesori kempen-Button, kopiah arm band, bendera kecil, banner dan placard yang ada Logo atau Slogan Bersih 2.0 / Bersihkan Pilihan raya boleh digunakan.
7. Bendera Malaysia atau negeri masing-masing.
8. Air mineral, sedikit makanan ringan atau gula-gula.
9. Sedikit garam batu ; Ia penting dan boleh dimakan sedikit (bukan sapu dimuka) bagi mengembalikan tenaga terutamanya jika FRU sembur air dari Water Canon atau gas pemedih mata.
10. Kain tuala kecil basah untuk tutup mata dan hidung untuk elak terkena gas pemedih mata.
11. Digalakkan memakai penutup mulut dan hidung jenis “N100 Respirator, N95 Respirator” dan “Surgical facemask” untuk mengelak penularan wabak Influenza H1N1 dan juga menghindarkan sedutan gas pemedih mata yang melampau.
12. Jika anda memiliki topeng gas, tidak salah untuk membawanya bersama. Selain itu topeng respirator lain boleh turut digunakan terutama yang digunakan untuk menapis bauan cat dan ‘thinner’.
13. Demonstran dinasihatkan juga untuk membawa ‘goggle’ renang bagi melindungi mata di saat gas AAR (gas pemedih mata) memenuhi ruang perhimpunan. 
14. Jika anda mempunyai asma atau alahan sila bawa inhaler atau ubat sendiri.
15. Sila bawa beg plastik sampah kecil bagi mengelakkan anda membuang sampah merata-rata.
16. Sila bawa pen dan kertas (mini note pad) bagi mencatat nama dan no. pengenalan Polis atau perkara-perkara yang mencurigakan.
17. Jangan lupa bawa kamera, video cam atau handphone berkamera bagi merakamkan suasana himpunan – gambar-gambar atau klip video.
18. Bekalkan diri anda juga dengan air (dibawa dalam botol) dan tepung penaik, ini bagi digunakan untuk meneutralkan bahan kimia yang telah terkena pada kulit.

Perkara Yang Tidak Dibenarkan :
1.      Jangan bawa kad matrik pelajar bagi student atau pass kakitangan bagi pekerja Kerajaan dan Swasta.
2.      Jangan bawa terlalu banyak wang atau kad kreadit untuk elakkan penyeluk saku, tercicir atau hilang semasa perhimpunan atau ditahan.
3.      Jangan memakai selipar, kasut tumit tinggi atau sandal yang menghalang pergerakkan.
4.      Jangan memakai kain atau skirt, digalakkan memakai seluar.
5.      Jangan memakai barang kemas atau aksesori yang tiada kaitan dengan tuntutan Bersih 2.0 / Bersihkan Pilihan raya.
6.      Jangan bawa sebarang banner, placard, bendera yang melambangkan logo parti dan organisasi.
7.      Sebarang slogan yang tiada kaitan dengan tuntutan Bersih 2.0 tidak dibenarkan.
8.      Jangan bawa sebarang benda tajam kecuali pen.
9.      Jangan bawa bahan-bahan yang boleh meletup atau mudah terbakar seperti, mancis, molotov cocktail dan mercun.
10.    Tidak dibenarkan merokok semasa perhimpunan kerana akan menganggu orang lain.
11.    Jangan bawa sebarang senjata seperti kayu, besi, rantai besi, pistol dan yang merbahaya.
12.    Bagi yang membawa anak-anak, anda tidak dibenarkan membawa permainan yang berupa seperti senjata seperti pistol, senapang atau pisau mainan.
13.    Jangan bawa anak-anak yang berumur 10 tahun ke bawah bagi mengelakkan sebarang masalah.
Perkara Yang Perlu Anda Lakukan Sebelum Perhimpunan :
1.      Servis kenderaan dan periksa peralatan yang perlu dibawa.
2.      Jangan makan atau minum terlalu banyak sebelum perhimpunan.
3.      Pastikan anda telah menunaikan ‘hajat’ sebelum memasuki perhimpunan.
4.      Bagi yang Islam, Lakukanlah solat taubat dan hajat, semoga Allah berkati perhimpunan ini dan yang bukan Islam boleh berdoa mengikut ritual masing-masing.
5.      Pastikan anda telah mengunci rumah atau meninggalkan pesanan-pesanan penting kepada keluarga atau jiran anda yang tidak pergi perhimpunan.
6.      Maklumkan mereka tujuan anda keluar.
7.      Maklumkan mereka nombor telefon sahabat lain yang bersama anda jika handphone anda tidak dapat dihubungi nanti.
8.      Jangan lupa “charge” bateri handphone dan kamera.
9.      Pastikan anda tahu arah tuju anda iaitu tempat berkumpul yang ditetapkan — Sogo, DBKL, & Masjid Kg Baru
10.    Pastikan anda datang awal untuk elakkan kesesakan jalan raya atau terpaksa berbaris panjang untuk beli tiket tren LRT atau Komuter.
11.    Datang secara berkumpulan, jangan bersendirian.
12.    Sekiranya perjalanan anda dihalang dari memasuki pusat bandar anda boleh meletakkan kenderaan dan berjalan kaki ke Sogo, DBKL, & Masjid Kg Baru (Jangan terus ke Istana Negara bersendirian).
13.    Jangan memakai baju Bersih 2.0 sebelum perhimpunan bermula bagi mengelakkan sebarang provokasi pihak-pihak tidak bertanggungjawab.
14.    Jika tiada penutup muka, rendamkan ‘bandanna’ atau kain ke dalam cuka atau jus lemon, dan tutup mulut dan hidung dengan kedap.
15.    Bagi mereka yang memakai kanta sentuh, anda dinasihatkan untuk tidak memakainya pada hari perhimpunan .
16.    Elakkan memakai krim berasaskan minyak ataupun ‘sun-block’ kerana bahan – bahan ini bakal menyebabkan resapan kimia dari gas AAR meningkat.

Semasa Perhimpunan Dan Perarakan :
1.      Berkumpul di tempat pertemuan yang ditetapkan Sogo, DBKL, & Masjid Kg Baru dan tunggu arahan dari “Field Commander” yang dilantik.
2.      Ikutilah arahan dari Unit Amal atau “Field Commander” sepanjang program. Jangan pedulikan arahan lain tanpa merujuk kepada “Field Commander”
3.      Jangan berganjak dari tempat perhimpunan melainkan dengan arahan “Field Commander”.
4.      Laporkan pada Unit Amal bertugas jika terlihat sesuatu yang mencurigakan.
5.      Jangan tolak menolak sepanjang perhimpunan dan perarakan.
6.      Elakkan mencerca, memaki hamun atau menunjukkan isyarat lucah semasa perhimpunan berlaku.
7.      Raikan perhimpunan ini dengan aman dan harmoni.
8.      Pastikan anda memberikan keutamaan laluan kepada kenderaan yang lalu lalang dan tidak melintas sesuka hati dijalanraya.
9.      Pastikan anda memberikan keutamaan, membantu dan melindungi warga emas, orang kurang upaya atau kanak-kanak yang hadir bersama.
10.    Maklumkan sahabat anda jika anda ingin keluar dari perhimpunan disebabkan hal kecemasan atau kerana ingin ke tandas bagi mengelakan masalah lain.
11.    Pastikan anda dapat duduk semasa pimpinan berucap.
12.    Pastikan anda tidak bersembang semasa pimpinan berucap kerana kemungkinan bunyi “sound system” akan tenggelam dengan suara ratusan ribu peserta.
13.    Ikutilah laungan pimpinan jika perlu.
14.    Pegang bendera Malaysia atau negeri anda sepanjang perarakan.
15.    Jangan buang sampah merata-rata sepanjang perhimpunan. Masukkan dalam beg plastik yang anda bawa.
16.    Jauhi kawasan gas. Kaedah terbaik adalah untuk mengelak dari tempat yang telah diliputi gas AAR. Pergi ke tempat tinggi kerana gas AAR tumpat dan jarang naik ke udara. Jika anda berada di luar bangunan, masuk ke dalam bangunan terutama yang mana aliran udara luar tidak dapat masuk.
17.    Basuh mata anda. Jika mata anda telah terdedah kepada gas AAR, jangan gosok mata anda. Jika anda memakai kanta sentuh, tanggalkan. Basuh dengan air selama 10 minit. Kanta sentuh yang telah terdedah jangan dipakai semula.

Selepas Perhimpunan :
1.      Pastikan anda bersurai secara perlahan-lahan dan dengan aman selepas diberikan arahan bersurai.
2.      Pastikan sahabat atau saudara dan anak-anak anda ada bersama selepas perhimpunan.
3.      Jika ada sahabat atau saudara anda ditahan, jangan terus balik.
4.      Jangan tinggalkan apa-apa sampah di tempat perhimpunan. Pastikan semuanya dibuang ke tong sampah atau dibawa balik dan dibuang di rumah.
5.      Berikan ucapan terima kasih kepada pasukan keselamatan yang bertugas jika perhimpunan berjalan lancar.
6.      Jangan lupa sebarkan gambar dan berita perhimpunan kepada semua sahabat-sahabat terutamanya yang tidak hadir.

Apa Anda Perlu Buat Jika Kumpulan Anti-Tuntutan Bersih 2.0 Buat Provokasi :
1.      Jangan pedulikan mereka, diam dan teruskan mengikut arahan “Field Commander” Unit Amal.
2.      Jangan menyahut provokasi mereka, jangan baling apa-apa, jangan tunjukkan isyarat apa-apa pada mereka. Anggap mereka tidak wujud pada hari berkenaan.
3.      Jangan hampiri mereka.
4.      Jika mereka bertindak agreasif secara tiba-tiba, tahan, jangan pukul tetapi serahkan mereka pada pihak Polis.
5.      Jangan lupa buat laporan Polis terhadap mereka jika anda dicederakan atau diganggu.
6.      Buat rakaman wajah-wajah mereka jika perlu.

Apa Anda Perlu Buat Jika Polis Buat Provokasi Dan Serbuan
1.      Jangan lari atau keluar dari perhimpunan melainkan dengan arahan pimpinan, anda akan mudah ditangkap jika keluar dahulu.
2.      Jangan bersendirian, pastikan anda bergandingan tangan dan berdiri rapat-rapat bila polis acah nak buat serbuan atau tembakan water canon.
3.      Duduk jika pimpinan arahkan.
4.      Basahkan tuala anda dengan sedikit air, dan tekup dimuka bila gas pemedih mata dilepaskan. Basuh muka anda dengan air dan makan sedikit garam jika terkena air “water canon” berwarna kuning.
5.      Jangan melawan atau cuba bertikam lidah dengan polis bila mereka provoke…hanya diamkan diri.
6.      Ambil gambar mereka jika sempat.
7.      Buat laporan Polis jika anda dikasari.

Apa Yang Anda Perlu Buat Jika Ditahan :
1.      Jangan banyak cakap dengan polis. Diamkan dan tenangkan diri.
2.      Minta nama dan nombor polis yang menahan anda dan tanya dia sebab anda ditahan, seksyen berapa yang digunakan.
3.      Berikan maklumat asas sahaja jika diminta seperti nama, no kad pengenalan, alamat rumah (berikan ikut alamat dalam IC sahaja).
4.      Jika mereka tanya soal pekerjaan, jawap yang ringkas sahaja. Jangan bagi maklumat yang lengkap.
5.      Minta berjumpa dengan peguam sebelum beri apa-apa keterangan. Peguam akan menunggu diluar balai jika anda ditahan.
6.      Kalau boleh jangan beri terlalu banyak keterangan, anda hanya perlu jawab “saya akan bagi keterangan di Mahkamah sahaja”. Ingat! Apa yang anda cakap di Balai Polis boleh dijadikan bahan bukti di Mahkamah. Anda berhak untuk tidak memberikan sebarang keterangan kepada Polis melainkan di Mahkamah.
7.      Semasa ditahan, jangan pedulikan provokasi polis atau jangan mudah cair bila mereka berlembut.
8.      Pastikan anda ingat semua yang berlaku, termasuklah pegawai polis yang tahan dan soal siasat anda.
9.      Jangan terlalu risau kerana, di luar balai telah disediakan orang-orang yang akan jamin dan bela anda.

Apa Yang Anda Buat Selepas Dibebaskan :
1.      Pastikan semua barang-barang anda dikembalikan oleh Polis.
2.      Buat pemeriksaan kesihatan jika ada kecederaan.
3.      Buat laporan Polis jika anda dikasari semasa perhimpunan atau semasa ditahan.
4.      Ceritakan  dan rakamkan pada peguam dan media jika anda dianiaya polis.
5.      Jangan lupa catatkan semua yang anda ingat bila balik ke rumah untuk memudahkan anda mengingatinya bila dibawa ke Mahkamah kelak.
6.      Pastikan anda ingat dan ambil nombor perhubungan orang yang jamin anda dan juga peguam yang terlibat.
7.      Serahkan pada peguam segala maklumat dan gambar yang anda ada tentang himpunan bagi memudahkan pembelaan.
8.      Jangan lupa solat sunnat syukur selepas dibebaskan dan kembalilah bertemu dengan sahabat-sahabat seperjuangan.
9.      Sesungguhnya anda akan rasa lebih hebat dan berani lagi selepas ditangkap kerana tidak semua orang berpeluang merasai apa yang anda lalui ketika ditahan. 

Harapan Kita Semua :
Secara keseluruhannya, kita berharap Perhimpunan ini dapat berjalan tanpa adanya sebarang masalah atau tangkapan.

Kita berharap agar dengan sedikit usaha dan kehadiran kita ini akan dapat memberikan kesedaran kepada pihak SPR dan kerajaan persekutuan mempergunakan kuasa yang ada untuk memperbaiki kelemahan perundangan dan implementasi kita.

Ingat, Himpunan Bersih Berjaya pada  10 November 2007 kerana kesungguhan rakyat. Maka, kini adalah masa untuk kita berjuang bersama untuk mereformasikan pilihan raya, mengkukuhkan berbadanan institusi dan hentikan korupsi.

Pastikan anda mengikuti arahan-arahan yang diberikan. Sebarang masalah anda boleh rujuk kepada “Field Commander”  atau Unit Amal yang bertugas pada perhimpunan ini. Ingatlah, peristiwa ini adalah peluang untuk anda sekali seumur hidup dan ianya akan kekal menjadi sejarah yang akan menjadi sebutan kepada anak cucu kita. Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk menjadi sebahagian dari sejarah ini.

Ayuh, demi cinta kita pada Malaysia!

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli
Negeri Sembilan.

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