Saturday, 26 November 2011

Post NMG 2011 ♥

After two weeks, the tiring days have passed by. Nottingham Malaysian Games. All Malaysians in UK-Eire know about this. Nottingham Malaysian Society doesn't need to do bombastic promotion to invite people around the globe to attend NMG. Yeah, aside from what Yuri said in the post mortem meeting- "We do need a promotion video to let the people know, what we serve for them in NMG." I agree, because the only thing the Malaysians know about NMG is the Malaysian style of Sports Day and Canteen Day!

Looking back to the past tiring two weeks, loads of smiles, loads of excitements where seen when more than 5000 Malaysians coming from all over UK, Ireland and Scotland gathered in the same place- University of Nottingham. Everyone was happy to meet old friends after a few months or even, a few years! Lots of chatting, eating, playing, walking happened from 9am to 7pm of 12th November 2011. It's a pleasant scenery to view.

Not missed to be mention, all the hassle, all the ciaos and all the RUBBISH made along the way. Frankly speaking, I wonder, why Malaysians on that day (every single year of NMG, though!), acted the same way like the people on the Malaysia's street. Every two litters been picked up, you'll find a ciggarette bud. Wonder, where all those smoking people coming from. Well, because you hardly find Malaysian smokers in Notts. 

After 4 years, this was my first time to step into Power League, the venue for football. I've been warned by my friends, I'll see the typical Malaysian guys who seem like never see women before. 'Sweeting' at women. Luckily, I didn't manage to experience that. Perhaps, all those guys had gone away. 

It was another 'noble' experience of seeing loving Muslim couples holding hands- after 2 months I flew off from Malaysia. I don't mind about our Chinese or Indians friends, it is their choice. But for Muslims, sorry to say, I'm tired. As if, only you have the boyfriend or girlfriend! I prayed, their love lasts even when they get married.

After all those miserable day, my heart asked myself about the social purpose of NMG: "Who were we actually serving for?" If we were serving the VIP, they were just a few. If the flow of NMG seemed mess in their eyes, they could condemned us and refused to give the sponsorship. 

If we were serving the players or the food tenders, they (some of them) kept commenting and criticizing all the efforts we've made without trying to put themselves in our shoes. If we were serving the thousands of visitors, we did not actually have time to please them for coming to Notts. Even, the volunteers and committee didn't have time to be spent with our friends coming from other universities! Plus, all the mess and jam been made (by no one's friends), honestly it was tiring. 

My study circle's mates said, "I talked to one of the chess players. He said, he just managed to practice an hour session before the tournament. He came to NMG mainly not to be a player, but to meet his friends." 

Other responses normally heard when you ask the visitors, why you come to NMG? : 
" I want to go to Malaysian Food Festival (MFF) and find the authentic nasi lemak I'm be missing for long time!"
" I want to give support to our university's basketball team!"
" I want to gain extra money to support my family. That's why, I want to be the tender of selling food in MFF."

Every single of us have lots of reasons why we were here. As the volunteers, although it was tiring and stressful and hurts (we cried for organizing NMG, don't you know that!), to be a volunteer of NMG is something not to be missed. 

We spent lots of memorable time working together, regardless of gender, race and belief (and political view:p) . We went home at 2am after setting up the Sport Center. We gave wake up calls at 4.30 am on the day itself. We had meetings until 1am. We craved for food after long hours haven't eating something (because we were too busy until forgot to eat!). We helped each other cleaning up the venue. We showed our tremendous care (although we are not too caring persons!). We got the chance to make new best friends. We (ehem, not me) cooked delicious volunteers' and VIPs' food from 6pm to 2am non-stop. And the lists seem endless..

Here some memorable statements that makes my day! It just a few, though! Too many to be print-screened!

We first met in NMG and enjoyed working together for MFF:)) 


The adorable NMG mascot:))

NMG crew.. Me also lahh!

More amazing pictures: here and here and here :P (Let them tell you the excitement we gained!)

Collection of videos:

NMG official promotional video

Malaysian Food Festival's video made by Malaysia' Kitchen

NMG Memorable Video made by Trek Siswa

This from UKEC (the representative council for Malaysian students in UK-Eire)

Writing with love,
MFF volunteer 2008
MFF Manager 2009
MFF volunteer 2010
NMG Driver 2011

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 


Jiong Lin said...

Hey Kak, although it's been 2 years since you stepped down from the NMS board of committee, yet you are still supporting us, giving us guidance and helping out during NMS events. Thanks Kak, you are awesome! =)

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli said...

Hi Jiong Lin!

Xie xie:)) I'll take your compliment as a motivation for myself to keep giving:))

If compared to Muaz and Kamal Roji who are getting older (and oldest!)in NMG and NMS, my efforts are so little..

You can replace them as the legends, isn't it!

Bessima said...

huhu, got tears in my eyes...thanks kak Su! Your never ending support and guidance mean so much to us...thank you so much! May Allah bless you for all the effort you put in and for all the help you gave us...

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