Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Life, As A Student

Looking back to the past..


"Eh, Suhaila.. Why your 'A' has that strange 'tail' ? asked Cikgu Normah.

"Is it wrong, cikgu? I don't know.. My mum teaches me to write like that." An accusation to escape myself.

Standard 1

"Ok, six of you have to wear lovely gown on Award Giving Day. You'll be going up to stage to receive present. Remember, to walk properly and say thank you to the Headmaster."

Standard 2

"Ma, I will have a lunch together with my classmates tomorrow. I'm so excited to give a Hindustan performance with my friends.. We've been practising to dance for so long. La la la.. "

Standard 3

"All of you here will be taking PTS (Level One's Assessment). Just do your best, ok?"

And I entered the exam hall knowing nothing what was it all about. The result, soft fail. Ha3 :P

Standard 4

"I have to punish three of you because you are so naughty. You should not write a 'wedding invitation card' and spread it to your friends even though it just a joke. I know you just want to tease your friend by making gossips, but it's not good. Understand?"

"Yes, ustaz.."

Standard 5

"Ok, there's a mystery we need to solve near the beach. We have to be quick because the boys are competing us. Remember, all notes to be passed among us must be written using the codes we've created."

Believe it or not, the addiction to the crime scene book series, like Siri Salma, and Hadi, drived two group of students up to this extent.

Standard 6

Lots of camps, motivation programs.. Be a better and less naughtier than before. Big exam was around the corner, anyway. Mindset: if you do bad things, Allah won't give you good results.

Form 1

"Who told you that you can go home earlier? Wait until 6.30pm, then the gate will be opened."

"Ala, we have to wait for another half an hour.. The teacher finished her teaching earlier. It's not our fault. "

Experienced the excitement for conquering the school during evening session class.

Form 2

"I brought this eggs and flour. We will throw all of this when the bus (we ride) pass our enemy (students of the other school). Aim to the right target, ok."

"Ok, attack!!" All the nasty stuff were thrown through the window. Quickly, we closed the window. As expected, we received the counterback attack. Laughing inside the bus because they didn't manage to hit us (all the egg smashed the bus windows, except for...)

"Oiiii!!!" We turned our face to the seat at the back.

"Hahaha! You really look like a roti canai with egg on top!" We laughed hysterically at the unfortunate friend who had been hit by an egg. Poor him.

This is the ritual of us each time the school term ended. We thought the game was over. But..

"Ok, guys, see you all next sem! Happy holidays!" We went out from the bus, leaving a few friends who haven't reached their destinations.

"Hey Kiki! Look here!" one of the naughtiest guy shouted to my friend who dropped off at the same stop with me. He looked up through the window. All of a sudden..

"Ohh!!! " A bag of flour was poured down from the window. The guy in front of me, was turned out to be totally white.

I couldn't stop laughing. Not helping him at all to reduce the whiteness he'd just received. Tired of cleaning himself, he walked home with white hairs, and white-blotted school slacks.

Form 3

"Where's Suhaila? She's absent,"

"She went to the hospital to visit her mother, cikgu. Her mother had just delivered a baby girl." Secretly, my friends gave a weird name for my youngest sister.

Form 4

"Ohana means family, and family means no one will be left behind." That's our batch moto.

Entering a bording school. A girls-only school (what!). First time being far away from home (one hour driving, though). Learnt how to be a better muslimah ^_^. No more escaping classes, for two years :P.

Form 5

"After I explained to you about this formula, I think we should leave. I'm afraid the warden is calling the Head of Student Affairs. For sure, she will scold us for staying up late at the corridor with all these tables taken from the pantry."

My worries turned to reality..

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?! GET INTO YOUR ROOM, NOW!!" The most fierce woman in the school walked into the hostel and raised her volume to the highest at us. 

Luckily my room was just a minute run from the place I studied before. I only managed to take my calculator. All my books were left at that place. Got on the bed and pretended sleeping.

5 minutes after, I could hear the books were thrown away from first floor. The plastic chairs as well.. Oh my...

The next day,..

"Sis, could you please help me pick my books from the ground floor?" I asked my junior, not bulying her ok.. Of course it was a shame to reveal that a prefect (not just me actually) also involved in last night incidents. And worst thing was, the whole students knew about this. Waa!!! T.T

Matriculation College

"Eh Su, it's very early today for you to be in your room. Don't you have any meeting?"

"Cett.. :P"

"Eh, I forgot to tell you, here is the home-made crips, given by Mak Cik Ani.. Aish, she's extremely kind to you, treating you like a daughter-in-law."

I laughed when thinking about my floormates who would always pointed my name to avoid from being scolded by Mak Cik Ani if they (and me) did mess. Once, they celebrated my birthday by pouring me a bucket of water with flour. Later, we celebrated our friends birthday, with baby powder and blue-coloured water.

Uni- 1st year

"Quick!!! The bus is leaving!"

We ran like crazy trying to catch the hopper bus 50m in front of us. If we missed the bus, then we would walk to the University Park for 30 minutes.

Every week, there would be a gathering among Ohanna- our usrah group plus free food brought by our lovely naqibaat.

Uni- 2nd year

We were the seniors. My house was a place for visit almost every week. As usual, the visitors will hardly saw me at home.

Uni- 3rd year

The time went by too fast. I'm entering my last two weeks in UK. With two exam papers still left for the upcoming week. I wish I can turn back the time. But, I feel so grateful because throughout my life, I will always have companions by my side, cheering me up when I sad, and supporting me in whatever I do. Thank you so much, Allah. You are so kind to me. =) xx

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli
Greenfield Medical Library


Anonymous said...

su.....smoga bjaya dlm paper yg akan dtg....insyaallah jmpe kat msie....jgn sdey2 okay


Minus Minutes said...

salam.. hehehe, that's so like you.. past teach us how to be better and I think it's what made you as you are now. =)

can't wait for your return!

lots of love,

Dr Im said...

salam wbt akk,
mcm mn akk extend study ke UK?
means, akk pergi btul2 lps tamat mtrik or mcm mn?
i'm just too curious to know =)
btw, your life totally such an adventure lah akk
i couldn't help myself from laughing and keep on laughing when i'm scrolling down your page
thniah akk ;D
wish you all the best, dunia and mostly in akhirat, InsyaAllah ameen =)

su_zul said...

Salam semua!

yna: Aik yna.. awat jumpa kat msia, bukan di UK? :P nama jiran sebelah umah..

far: cett.. kureng ar far! :P

Dr Im: Salam perkenalan Im.
Oo.. akak dapat tawaran Skim Latihan Tenaga Pelajar. Lepasan Matrik, terus ke sini. Tapi akak tak pasti kalau KPM masih nak hantar lagi student ke UK ke tak tahun depan..

Tq awak! May Allah bless your life too.. Each life is the best Allah created for His believers. :)

Dr Im said...

yeah, at the moment sy tgk akk reply comment sy : mta sy bergenang ~ cewah ;D
ooo, haah, ad2 program ni =), means, lps tmat bljar, akk trus krj dgn pihak matrik ye? =)
p/s : akk, maaf ye, sy ni rmah mesra sikit .. smua org yg sy bru knal, sy kcau sesuka suki je ... huhuhu hope akk sabar dgn sy, waaa ( smbil mengesat dahi .. hehe )

su_zul said...

ha3.. poyo seyh awak ni:P

anyway, haah. nanti akak jadi cikgu kat kolej matrik. kalau da ada anak nanti, awak antar diorang kat sana k. nanti mudah sikit akak nak dera. ha3..

lol! relek2.. akak pun camtu gak:P

Im said...

hehe, tu la akk,
smua org mcm tk puas hati je bila sy dok kacau2 deorg .. hehe sedih sungguh hati sy ni akk .. sob3 .. =O= ~~

yeah, begitu ye akk? tk pe2, nnti kalau ank sy kena dera, sy rawat dia elok2 balik.. nnti akk boleh dera lain .. * wahaha, gelak sambil kuis2 jari dkt tanah * ~

hehe, ni yg sy suka ni ! dduk rumah 6 bln, agenda sy strusnya : mnggnggu akk dgn sehebat2nya : yeah, sy suka2 ;D

su_zul said...

salam im. Allah, xdenya.. awak kaco pun, tak annoying pun.:P

hu3..kita dok berbalas kat sini.. apa nama fb awak ek?

sila2.. akak rela:P

Im said...

wassalam wbt akk
hehe =D
lega hati sy m'baca kata2 akk
risau plk krng akk rs ter'annoying' dgn sy .. sob3 =_= "
owh, aasif akk, sy tk ada fb
tpi ym ada je
hehe, insyaAllah nnti sy add akk =)

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