Saturday, 2 July 2011

Power Is In Your Hand

It is funny to think how afraid some parties or group of people are when the rakyat, citizen of Malaysia proposed to organise a peace demonstration in Kuala Lumpur this 9th July. Up to the extent, those wearing or selling the yellow t-shirt specially made for the gathering have been caught with unreasonable accusation. I can even guarantee, the access to the capital city will be blocked, either on the road or commuter station.

The purpose of the gathering is mainly to demand for a more just democracy. It has no relationship at all with protest against any religion or race. All of a sudden, racial sentiments have been raised by irrational leaders towards our Chinese friends and the demonstration's head organiser, an Indian lady.

There's no issue of either you are Malay, Chinese or Indian here. We, the Malaysians are all invited to gather and voice out our hope for a better Malaysia. 

The organisers have promise, the demonstration will be conducted peacefully. At the same time, PERKASA, another group plan to gather along to ban this demonstration. What the heck is going on? If they argued this demonstration will causing ciaos, why they will be there along?

It seems like, all Malaysians including the government have forgot one important thing- the power is in rakyat's hand. Not the government. The rakyat shouldn't be threatened as if they are doing crime.

We as rakyat, should remember this. We have the power to elect our leader. However, what happen now, due to our ignorance, the leader use the power we gave them to harm us. Forgot where they are coming from and neglecting the rakyat, who have selected them before and bring them to the positions they are currently holding.

Honestly, the demonstration has not yet been made, but the impact is felt by now, and the water is boiling.. The heat is rising. It is a pleasant surprise to see the teenage and young people are highly motivated showing their love to the country these few days in the Youtube and Facebook. Educating the other Malaysians who might have know nothing about corruption and injustice.

I can't reject the theory saying, the sea of people who will gathered this 9th July will show the number of rakyat opposing the current government. No wonder, all actions will be taken to ensure, the rakyat won't be able to make it on that day. Even parents have been advised to 'keep' their kids 'at home'.

p/s: I'm planning to go to a historical convention on 10th July. It's funny to think, I can't even guarantee myself, I will be there. Who knows, maybe I am the selected persons to be caught up on my way to my friend's wedding in Kuala Lumpur this Saturday. >_<"

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli
Negeri Sembilan.

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