Monday, 17 October 2011

Motivation To Success

Reflecting back to 3 years of gaining tarbiyah. Watching a video of Sultan Muhamad al-Fateh, the Conqueror make me realise. His story influences me a lot from the beginning I approached the true meaning of being a Muslim. Up til now, my tears easily flow when I reflect back how honourable he is in the eyes of the Prophet (peace be upon him). I found his leadership and achievement as my strength in the battle to jannah. The history has never fail to touch my heart.

I didn't know why. There was one video telling about the journey of Sultan Muhamad al- Fateh and his army to conquer Constantinople. When I watched it, all of a sudden, I promised to myself, "I'll pray in Aya Sophia no matter what happen." And yeah it was. 

I went to Turkey after a few months. And the promise still kept fresh in my head. I knew, no one is allowed to pray there anymore since it has been used as museum during the time of Kamal Attarturk. I didn't tell my friends about this. I walked alone in the huge magnificent building, finding a safe place to pray. It's hard to find place free from people though. What most important for me that time was, as long as the guards didn't stop me and the tourists didn't feel too awkward seeing someone's praying. 

Taking ablution using the mineral water in my hand, alhamdulillah Allah eased my way to perform solah tahiyatul masjid. I can't describe how calm it felt when my face touched the floor of Aya Sophia, once a sacred masjid which witnessed the victory of Islam.

Alhamdulillah too, our apartment in Istanbul was facing the Bosphorus Strait. The first day I was in  the old city of Istanbul, facing the Bosphorus on my right and Golden Horn on my left, tears running through my cheek. "Oh, Lord, I'm here. I'm in the place where Islam has once rule the world." It seemed like I could feel the anxiety and share the happiness of the success. I prayed, my iman and faith would increase through the journey in Turkey. Praise to Allah, I went back to UK as a better Muslim.

May his story always reminds me to the strength and success a Muslim can achieve. Plus, how the success link to a close relationship with Allah. Hablun minal Allah (relationship with Allah) and hablun minan nas (relationship with human).

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Meaning of Sacred Guidance

Istikhara, the solah which is too common to be related with the need of guidance. Where the Muslim seek for an answer from his Lord, the God All Knowing. Where he will bow his head on the ground asking for direction on choosing two different roads that seem merge together. Where he will submit his life to his Lord because He is the One who hold his soul.

The confusion, the doubt all are too big to be put upon an ordinary man. He is in search of guidance. The guidance needed to lighten the darkness in his heart. The guidance needed to return back his peace he always dreams about.

Perhaps, only at this moment, the servant knows the meaning of the solah he always did before. Where, all the decisions will be made by Him. Allah the Almighty. The God who knows each single matter in someone’s heart. Who keeps the secret of life, the destiny of His servants, the ending story of each of His creation.. To Him, his servants should seek for a piece of guidance.

We never know how we will end, we never know with who we will spend the remaining seconds, we never know either we see the paradise or the hell when we face sakaratulmaut (the last moments before we die). All we can do, is to pray. So that, we will get the best ending.

Keep asking because He always listening. He delays the reply to test the loyalty of His servant seeking the truth. Believe, the best has yet to come..

Only at this moment, the servant knows what it feels to find the best companion. To accompany him, walk alongside in giving the best services to please their God. To commit themselves to the works of Islam. The love comes when two souls are tied on His path. With His will and His guidance.

He knows the time has come. And the decision is waiting to be made. Only with the light from Him.

“Oo Lord, this heart will only belong to someone You direct me to..”

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Media Bias

I found this post is so funny and quite.. hm.. I can say, 'sinis'. Couldn't find any better words in English that can portray 'sinis' really well.

Sebelum start baca paper hari ini, ini sedikit analisis bagaimana sebuah tajuk media direka.

Nah bacalah, pankreasmu bakal digeletek dengannya...

Situasi sebenar : Seorang nenek pegi kedai beli ubi, tiba-tiba dilanggar beca lalu mati di tempat kejadian.

Buletin Utama - "Nenek meninggal dunia, pemandu beca dicari."

Harian Metro - "Hangat! Nenek mati dengan ubi di tangan."

Utusan Malaysia - "Nenek mati dilanggar beca satu propaganda pembangkang?"

Harakah - "Kami tiada beca."

Malaysiakini - "Beca langgar lari bukti kerajaan makan rasuah."

Obefiend - "Nenek meleis mati. Aku suka vodka."

Twitter @NajibRazak - "Nenek sanggup mati kerana ubi, menunjukkan ubi 1Malaysia berkualiti dan digemari rakyat!"

Blog Melayu paranoid - "Keraguan sijil halal ubi mungkin punca nenek mati dilanggar beca."

Ibrahim Ali - "Sampai bila kita nak tengok nenek-nenek Melayu mati dilanggar beca akibat ubi orang Cina dan India? Melayu perlu bangun menentang!"

Pancaindera - "Kisah nenek dilanggar beca diabadikan dalam filem terbaru David Teo, Beca Gangster."

Mastika - "Misteri penarik beca: temubual eksklusif dengan hantu ubi."

Samy Vellu - "Beca tak bayar tol dicari! "

Just came back from a talk given by Palestinian Christians. Interestingly, aside from telling what and how they undergo their religious routine oppressively in Palestine, the term peace and justice have been said repeatedly. Just like if I listen to a talk carried out by the Palestinian Muslims. There's similarity to be pondered upon.

The post above actually reminds me back to the statement said by a Palestinian Christian lady about the bias of media. "You read CNN, you'll find, '3 US armies were killed in Palestine' as the title. And there's small print down the news saying '300 Palestinians were killed in this battle'. And when you read Al-Jazeera, the headline will be -'300 Palestinians killed'. And nothing stated about the US army."

I admit that. In Malaysia, it also happens the same way. Best way, is to compare both side of news. You've got the internet anyway. Extract the information you got and digest the one you have choose critically.

Other than the media bias issue, I'm attracted with their support of Hamas. "Hamas is good people. It's unfair to put Hamas alongside with the terrorist because they fight for equality and justice of Palestinians- either they are Muslims, Christians and Jews. They do the humanity works. I've got lots of friends who are Hamas. And I know them really well."

Overwhelming with what he said. SubhanaAllah (praise be to Allah), it shows me how a jundullah (the army of Allah) should be. Always show the akhlak (manners) of Islam to everyone around you. Remember, you carry the amanah (responsibility) of maintaining the good name of your jamaah (society).

May Allah strengthen the Palestinians' unity against injustice always. Palestine will be free!

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

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