Monday, 3 December 2012

Future Mother To Be

The preparations are seemed endless. Have starts but found no ends. Perhaps, I'm still thinking it is still a long way to go. Still plenty of time are there for me not to rush accomplishing this and that. My best friend already booked the tents for her wedding which is a week after mine, though!

In fact, I might be called for the job's interview and placement at Malacca Matriculation College next January. Only one month left for a holiday mood. After that, I don't think, I can manage to arrange all these,especially the little-yet-consuming-time thingy such as the doorgifts and hantaran. Arghhh. Stress was felt right now. But still, doing the preparations like snails crawling slowly.. Eeyarkkk..

Ok, besides the materials' preparation, I need to prepare myself from the aspect of knowledge and fitness. Well, to aim of getting cute kids who are tahfiz and the future mujahideen of Islam, surely, I need to ensure, their Abi and Ummi are well-fitted to give birth to them. Let me be open with this. Somehow, this is what drive you to here, isn't it?

Here are all the list of do's and don'ts I obtained from my blogs-hopping.

1) Reduce the caffeine intakes (luckily I'm not the fan of it, except for ice-blended Mocha!)

2) Avoid eating red meats and milks to increase the chance of pregnancy. As alternative, drink soy milk (yeay, my favourite! Much cheaper too-in Malaysia, I mean..)

3) No snacking, fast-food and carbonated drinks (err, KFC I ate just now?@_@) and NO SMOKING. Well for us, the beautiful ladies who appreciate their beauties from not smoking, perhaps we should avoid inhaling the smokes too! It's more harmful to us, the one who inhale it than the one who 'suck' it.

4) Take supplement of DHA (for better eyes' and brain's development), ferrous (to increase the mother's red blood cell) and folic acid (again for brain's development). I once read, Adiputra's and Albert Einstein's mother used to eat lots of vegetables during their pregnancy- this increases the baby's oxygen level in brain.

5) Be a good daughter and son to your parents. I still remember, Dr Muhammad bin Jantan said to us, the behaviour of kids are highly influenced by their parents' behaviors 5 years before the kids were born. If we've did wrong things in these 5 years, just pray, Allah forgive our sins and will not let our kids astray as we once did before.

6) Most important perhaps, let's make tazkirah, Quranic recitation and nasheeds as our favourite sound of music.. It gives calmness to us, and to all ovum and sperms in our body. We never know which one will be selected to be our baby, which one will be discarded.. But somehow, we can ensure, all of them have Muslim's genes inside;p

7) As bonus, I think, it is quite crucial for you to start giving expectations and aims what you want your kids to be. It is not wrong to rub your own stomach (which near it, there's the place your baby will be placed for 9 months) and say to it while watching Fetih 1453, "My dear son, I want you to be great like Fetih.." Or when you meet well-behaved kids, you monologued to yourself (to your future kids, actually), "I believe, you can be like him too." Positive mindsets will be instilled to the positive genes!

8) Another bonus! Huh;p Plan how you want to raise your kids. It's still to early, though, I have to admit. But be critical.  Well, I'm sure, we have experienced loads of being a child, a teenager, a youngster in our society. We see how our parents and the people raised us up to what we are now. Would you like your kids to be raised in the same way? Or you want it better? Think and analyse critically the art of bringing up a child from now on. Because I'm afraid, once we got married, we'll be too busy in handling technical stuffs, till the module planning are left behind. Sorry, a bit organizational mood now;p Well;p

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli

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