Friday, 22 October 2010

Bila Mahasiswa UK Berdemo

Join in with thousands of students from around the country in Central London to take part in the National Demonstration against cuts to Higher Education.

In the future you or someone you know will look to enter further or higher education, these cuts affect their future. The impact of cuts to education is already affecting students, and over the course of the next few years it’s only going to get worse.
This month (October), the Government will outline where the next round of funding cuts will hit and a review of fees and funding will be published. Sadly, we do not have to wait until then to know that the cuts will be both savage and deeply painful.
The effects of this, for example:
• More students crammed into lecture theatres,
• Course closures,
• Staff redundancies,
• Buildings such as libraries and computer rooms falling into disrepair,
• Less money available for student support.
The National Union of Students (NUS) and the University and College Union (UCU) are jointly organising a national demo, ‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’ on Wednesday 10 November 2010, in central London. Tickets cost £10.50, this includes transport there and back and a cool Demo t-shirt. 

SU President Rallies Nottingham Students

University of Nottingham Students’ Union President, Will Vickers, yesterday rejected claims that students have a passive attitude to the devastating cuts to Higher Education.

Speaking on Radio Nottingham, Mr Vickers refuted claims that students have been “passive” and apathetic to cuts when compared with their counterparts of the 1970s; instead remarking that although there is now a much more diverse student body, the vast majority of students are still heavily opposed to the cuts. The former English student then went on to state that he would now be doing everything he can to mobilise students to attend a National Demonstration on 10th November. Mr Vickers commented further:

“Students are outraged and we are representing them: figures show that 83% of our students actively oppose these cuts to Higher Education. As such we are organising students to attend the NUS National Demonstration on 10th November, where thousands of students across the country will take to the streets in protest. I wouldn’t describe the student movement’s approach as “passive”, I would say it is more important to constructively mobilise students to effect change positively and responsibly.”

It has been announced that Universities are set to face up to £4.2 Billion in cuts as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review carried out by the Coalition Government. The National Union of Students have been working tirelessly to oppose these cuts and drum up support for the National Demonstration, student unions around the country have been canvassing students to attend also. On the issue of representation of students Will Vickers went on to comment:
“As a membership-led organisation it is important that we properly canvass student opinion so that we can legitimately represent our students. We have been through this process and now are fully pushing for students to attend the demo together with lobbying decision makers locally”.

Malaysia Dan UK
Semua tahu bahawa banyak perkara di Malaysia yang diimplementasikan dari sistem di UK. Dari sistem pendidikan, perundangan, mahupun sistem lebuhraya PLUS yang menyerupai Motorway M1 yang merentasi utara ( Leeds) hingga selatan (London). Cumanya harga tol M1 di London sekadar GBP1.50. (Fuhh.. lega.. Ingatkan kena bayar mahal untuk tol sebab tak pernah bertembung dengan tol walaupun sudah agak jauh memandu..)

Banyak perkara kita jadikan UK sebagai penunjuk arah. Kenapa tidak keterbukaan minda masyarakat di sini tidak kita garap? Kenapa masih nak ikut emosi, ah, kita sudah tidak pandang ke Barat, kita pandang ke timur sekarang.. Apa-apa sahajalah. Nak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.

Malaysia masih terlalu muda sebenarnya. Sistem perundangannya, pendidikannya hatta sistem pentadbirannya masih di peringkat pucuk. Apa yang telah kerajaan tua England lalui, itu akan dilalui oleh Malaysia dan negara muda yang lain. Termasuk kesilapan yang terpalit dalam lipatan sejarahnya. Hanya kalau Malaysia dan negara muda lain itu buta sejarah..

Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadahku, hidupku,dan matiku hanya semata-mata bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam. 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

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