Friday, 18 March 2011

Go Mnite! Go NMS! =)

Involve in Malaysian Night, perhaps can be argued about its status. How far can you do nahi mungkar about it? It has been debatable since its existence. Some people, will take a safe road, not involved in it. But the others, take the risk.

Really love this poster. For the first time, Malaysian Night managed to 'kidnap' Kak Nita's children. Cute!

Doing something on your own ijtihad is not really a good way, if you don't have the knowledge. Yes, it's true, those who do ijtihad, if their ijtihad is wrong, they will get one reward. If the ijtihad is true, they will get two. Back to Allah, because He is the most Merciful. 

From `Amr ibn al‑`As,  the Prophet said that whenever a judge gives a verdict according to his ijtihad, he will be given two rewards if his judgement is right, and if it is not, he will be given one reward. (Sahih of al‑Bukhari (Bab ajr al‑hakim, vol. 4, p. 178))

"Ustaz, can we actually involve ourselves in Malaysian Night? A cultural night which mostly based on play, that of course have music, dance in it. Because some places here in UK, preventing their Muslim Malaysians from volunteering themselves and involving in that such event." Question been asked to the knowledgeable scholar. 

"If you believe, you can change the event from a lagho to much better, then, you should involve. This will only applies, if the event itself can still be changed. If it's no longer can be 'rescued' to the correct path, leave it."  

I do believe, Malaysian Night still can be saved. The other ikhwan and akhawat, so-called daie are also believe on that. We believe, Allah will punish the whole ummah for their wrongdoing, including those who are not advising the wrongdoers for their sin. 

Amar makruf, nahi mungkar.. Most people can do good deeds and prevent their own selves from bad deed, but how strong they can influence people around them, advice them, prevent them from doing wrong things and instead, promote them to do good things? Easily been said, huh, but from my observation, even the nuqaba' still struggling on doing the latter- nahi mungkar. May Allah rewards them for every single jihad they do to strengthen themselves for doing so.

This not my first year of involvement in Malaysian Night and Islam Awareness Week, or currently known as Discover Islam Week. Two events that totally contradict from their objectives, the way they are conducted. Am I mixing the haq and batil? 

Again, I leave it to the people to make their own stand about involving themselves in Malaysian Night. This is not my first year, anyway. There have been so many things I've observed. Among Malaysians in Nottingham, among Muslims in Nottingham. Each person have his own right to say 'No, I can't.. '. 

Even, the Malaysian Night committees have realised this. They knew, most of the Nottingham Malaysian Games' volunteers will run away when it comes to Malaysian Night. Especially the Muslims. Numbers of them involved can be counted by hands. Somehow, we can't force the people to involve, isn't it?

Alhamdulillah, Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS) has improved step by step positively. It becomes more open-minded in considering the whole races of Malaysians in Nottingham, it's now more cultural-realistic, more brave in organising a heavy discussion. Even in choosing a post for the committee, I totally salute my 'mei mei' (sister), because she's willingly give her higher post to her Muslim friend, because she don't want the Malaysian Muslims to be neglected. If only the Malaysian Muslims can appreciate that.

The improvement is also continues in Malaysian Night. Alhamdulillah, even my dear non-Muslim friend asked my opinion, "Are you ok with the scene in the 1960s night club?" If you think, what you do, won't give impact to the improvement of the society, think again.

Another cute thing: Alex and Mark are acting so well as Muslims! Love it!
I believe, involving myself in NMS is my dawah. There's no point I'm attending usrah, I'm joing numbers of daurah, tamrin, liqa' or any other Islamic programs if the knowledge is just kept in me. Not been translated into action, the amal. 

Just be patience. If the prophet Nuh did dawah for 950 years, but only a few followed him, can you say, his dawah is not a success? If you can't observe any better changes in NMS, Malaysian Night as you wish, pray, that soon it will. But only if you really work on it.

How active I'm involve myself in the ideal Islamic Society, NMS is not the second in my heart. I've been asked before, 'you can choose either two: dawah or NMS?' I've neglected to answer the question because for me, dawah is NMS and NMS is for dawah. It will never be separated. In fact, NMS reflects the Malaysia. I have the responsibility in improving my country because I love Malaysia!

Dedicated for, 
my little brothers and sisters in Mnite and NMS, whose always filling my inbox with their messages.

kak Su =) 

Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadahku, hidupku,dan matiku hanya semata-mata bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam. 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 


cami said...

This post really touches my heart (sayu jadik).
Keep strong and move on Kak Su. I admire people like you.

su_zul said...

LOL! Luckily I read this after Mnite. Kalau tak, ada yang kena grill macam Sin Chan ni:P



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