Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Angel of Paradise

My whole week is fulled with lots of house chores. From cooking for Sajian Nusantara, our pioneer business to taking care the little monster, Abu for a few days.. A week full with tarbiyatul aulad wa bait (kid's and family education) ;p 

My hands are now full with cuts, not from cooking, but been bullied by Abu. Maybe he wanted to make the protest because I left him alone at home whilst busy processing the orders. A day Abu true's owner brought him back to his home, I managed to shower him.. Haih, exactly like treating a little baby, aside from nagging him..

But I realized, being a woman is not just simply taking care the children nor cooking.. More roles are carried by a woman called wife.. To educate the woman to be as supportive as Siti Khadijah ra who Rasulullah praised and loved only her in her time might be impossible. To develop oneself to be as adorable but intelligent as Siti Aisyah ra might not come true. At least, there are some of their characters that we can achieve, though.

"Never did Allah (SWT) give me a better wife than Khadijah.  She believed in me when all others disbelieved; she held me truthful when others called me a liar; she sheltered me when others abandoned me; she comforted me when others shunned me; and Allah (SWT) granted me children by her while depriving me of children by other women." (Riwayat Ahmad dan Thabrani)

Siti Khadijah is so mature, she didn't question unnecessary things to her husband when the Prophet was so scared after meeting the Jibril. Rule no.1: avoid nagging! ;p 

Being a supporter in a time you also need support is not easy. As woman, I know how hard we are to be calm in such stressful situation. Yet at least, we can try to show to others that we are calm (although our hearts are burning!)

When I watched this video, what came across my mind, how huge the support Azizah has gave to her husband until almost every single sentence he said, there always be the word of 'Azizah'. Allah.. Although both of them are far no better than Rasulullah saw and Siti Khadijah, but at least, there is one story we can use as example on this era, reflecting the same situation. How far the supportive wife can inspire the husband..

More of her story here..

I've said to my friend, a quote which suddenly appeared in my mind that time. If we can't be as perfect and mature like Siti Khadijah, the best wife for him, then we should try to be like Siti Aisyah.. She's a jealous lover, intelligent and a bit childish, but the Prophet loves her more than the other wives. Characters showing a typical woman but still, she's the apple of his eye.

(quite surprise, Wan Azizah was the best student in RCSI. A challenge to myself! Source)

Is searching for my character.. Am I mature or childish? 
What ever it is, being the prettiest companion for someone in the jannah is not a choice. It's a vision.

p/s: I'm not a fan of Wan Azizah nor Anwar. Just taking some ibrah (lessons) from her life to improve myself..

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

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