Monday, 28 May 2012

Is counting the days I'll be going back to Malaysia. Can't wait for the moment to meet all my beloved students in SRIIDU (Sekolah Rendah Integrasi Islam Darul Ulum)..

Reflecting back to the three months I taught them English and Science, sometimes Arabic, Mathematics, and Hafazan.. Well, you have to be flexible in receiving any task you might be assigned for if other teachers have difficulties to attend the class. It just three months being a teacher and warden, but the love towards them grows stronger day by day..

They are my first students.. My first experience to teach. Lots of flaws. I admit, sometimes (lots of time actually), I lose my patience. Got cross with their naughtiness. I even have been warned by the founder of the school to be strict. If not, the students would bully me.

Learnt a lot from the noble experience.. The pureness of a child.. You can scold them, punish them and canning them, but they will return to you, hugging you as if, no grudge instilled in their heart towards the teacher who hurts them. Somehow, they are just kids. I should understand them more..

SRIIDU is a small school currently. InsyaAllah it will grow, be a proper center of building the khalifah who memorize Al-Quran and conquer the knowledge needed to be success in this world. InsyaAllah.

Honestly, I'm glad, Allah give me chance to have a pleasure experience which helps me a lot to understand what actually means to be an educator. I learn it later in my Postgraduate Certificate of Educational Theory, but all of the theories will make more sense when I've got the exposure beforehand. It is not easy to be an educator. Because of that, being one is a very honorable responsibility.

Sweetiest Feedbacks
1) "Banyak-banyak teacher, teacher mana yang paling garang? Teacher Suhaila!"\

2) "Teacher banyak bagi kenangan pada saya.. Teacher bagi kad, teacher bagi pensil, teacher bagi inai, teacher lempang saya" oppps, ;p

The other student rushed towards me and..

"Teacher, teacher.. teacher lempang la saya jugak!" They knew, I really upset with two of them that day, until I asked them to get out of the hafazan class.

Their words still kept fresh in my mind on the final day I took care of them.. 

Valuable Reflections
Lots of things I've learnt from teaching in SRIIDU..
1) The way the kids have been brought up make me realize the importance to give adequate time with the family.. The teachers and asatizah can educate them well for 5 days in the hostel, but more roles should be put on parents' shoulders to ensure the kids are maintaining their good behavior in the weekends. It is really crucial to make sure that our dakwah to the community does not give fitnah to our children.

2) The time management and responsibilty between career, family and religious duties. Alhamdulillah, my parents can accept that they can just meet me for as long as two days or as as short as three hours a week (during my 3-months-summer-break) because my weekends will usually be spent attending Islamic programs I've involved in.

"Verily, my solah, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of all that exists." 

Nur Suhaila Zulkifli 

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